The Fostinum

The collector is the true resident of the interior.  The collector dreams his way not only into a distant or bygone world but also into a better one. 

                                                                                              - Walter Benjamin

Jindřich Vaněk was an early 20th century Czech photographer with a famous photography studio in Prague.  He is perhaps best known for his Galerie vynikajících osobností (Gallery of Exceptional Personalities), which chronicled the most famous people from early 20th century Czechoslovakia -- some of which you can see above.  He is also known for his photos of architecture (especially of Prague and Český Krumlov) and his nudes.  

Vaněk, Jindřich

Nadar - Georges Sand, albumen printNadar - Alexandre Dumas, albumen printNadar - Victor Hugo, in memoriam, albumen printNadar - Self-portrait (Publicity photo to raise funds for Le Géant), albumen printNadar - Hot air balloons, albumen printNadar - Sarah Bernhardt in Tosca, 1882, albumen printNadar - Sarah Bernhardt as Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc), 1889, albumen printNadar - Sarah Bernhardt, 1890, albumen printNadar - Sarah Bernhardt as Gismonda, albumen printNadar - Edmond de Goncourt